“Graumann’s garments are designed to strengthen and embellish women’s force of personality by dressing women in timeless, elegant and clean designs. Our goal is to design sophisticated everyday clothing that is comfortable and exquisite at the same time”.

Graumann was established in 2003 by Hanne Graumann, but the journey started a long time before that. Hanne has been designing her own clothes since a very young age by handpicking unique vintage clothes, which she then customized into personal items.

After many years of customizing vintage clothes and working as a fashion designer for independent Danish fashion brands, it eventually led to the establishment of her own fashion brand. The inspiration for every
collection still comes from vintage clothes, as it triggers Hanne’s interest and curiosity for shapes, colors, silhouettes and textiles.

“I want to create design that does not dominate or dictate women’s personal expression, but supports it. I love seeing how women style their Graumann designs in a personal way that makes them feel comfortable and confident”.

Two main collections a year are being launched: summer and winter. Since February 2020 a new and smaller collection has been launched called Graumann Infinity. It consists of 10 classic styles made of four high quality fabrics that can be bought all year around. Because all Graumann’s designs are minimalistic and understated it is possible to mix and match previous and current collections.

Today, the designs are made from high quality textiles sourced from only the best fabric suppliers. 80% of the collections are produced in Europe and the majority of the fabrics are sourced in Europe as well. Read more about our sustainability initiatives here.

The ambition behind the brand is to be true to oneself.
Only when you are confident with yourself it is possible to truly express who you are.